Terms & Conditions

  • As the product is custom printed, the order cannot be returned, exchanged or cancelled.
  • Only pre-paid orders will accepted
  • Ensure images you upload are clear and arent blurry
  • Ensure text size is readable, spelled correctly and color stands out against background.
  • Religious, provocative, political, obscene or copyright content will not be accepted and the orders will be cancelled
  • Estimated Delivery Time:

    5-7 days (Working Days),Express delivery available on request ( Additional charges applicable)

We thought of more, what if you want a special print on a different product, different style. Well, we will do that too! We will customize prints, designs for different kind of clothing. We have built Custom Design Studio, which will help you get what you want, in the best possible way. We make customization and style personalization, affordable, and easy. Your personalized style is now just a click away. 

We are still working on more ways to help you Wear Your Opinion in the best way possible. As of today, you can get custom designs, custom print and custom style on large range of clothing! You have been a constant inspiration for us to keep innovating. WTEEF family has grown over the years, with millions of customers and fans! But Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi!
We wish to keep growing and build the best place for Customized Clothing & Accessories.

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