Believe it or not, the T- Shirt evolved nearly from “undergarments!”. Back in the 1920s, People used to cut pieces of Cloth, similar as long undergarments and suits to produce smaller pieces Of Clothing which is now called as T-SHIRT. Seriously who thought an apparel would be created in such a unique way
At the time of writing this article, the greatest number of t- shirts worn at a single time is a whopping 257! the record- holder is a Sri Lankan named “Sanath Bandara”. How many tees can you wear at a time?
How much do you spend on an average for a t- shirt from ₹350 to ₹1000 depending on it is great quality, but did you know that there is a t-shirt available for ₹ 31860200, Yes it belongs to the brand named, Superlative Luxury, and the T-Shirt is claimed to have been made fully from solar energy without the emission of CO2. also, the at the middle of this tee 16 diamonds.
If You suppose That The Maximum T- Shirt Size Available Is XXXL.5. still, Stop There! The Largest T- Shirt in The World Is Mind- Boggling, 300 bases Long And 200 bases In Width!
There is indeed a day to celebrate T-Shirts. it is called the International T-shirt day and it is observed on June 21.
Tees are not made of just common accoutrements like cotton and polyester. there are some strange accoutrements used! some of them include landfill waste, gold, human hair, and indeed leather! the first T-Shirt produced for promotion was for the Wizard of Oz and that was in 1939.
On the other hand, Coca – Cola was the first company to do T-Shirt brand promotion and they popularized it a lot during the 1980s. It was the movie stars, James Dean, John Wayne, etc. who wore t- shirts and popularized it before them was considered a piece of undergarments!
The First Time The Word ‘ T- Shirt ’ Appeared was In The Fitzgerald Novel, ‘ The Side Of Paradise.
Originally, T-shirt clothing was considered to be suitable and worn only by men. but ultimately, some brands started with producing women tees and unisex clothing.
Did you also know that it takes a huge quantum of yarn, 6 miles in length, to make one t- shirt. on the other hand, only 1 acre of cotton is demanded to produce 1000 t- shirts!
10 Ways for Guys to Wear an Oversized T-shirt
Streetwear has come a long way. Over the once many decades, it has expanded from a style for a named many into mainstream fashion wear and tear. When we speak about streetwear, the underlying essential is the baggy large T- shirt. Although it might not clinch to your body like a regular fit T- shirt or a well ironed shirt, it sure gives off its own enthusiasm and edgy look. People also find large apparel style much more adaptable, comfortable, and universal. It might be irresistible to style a plain boring tee but once you get a hold of it, you can term it painlessly. moment, we introduce 10 easy aesthetics that will make you make ultra-hip and in style with the large T- shirt.

T- shirt Over a Tee

Keeping it simple yet trendy is the key to streetwear fashion. A plain large T- shirt can be pairedwith another plain Tee underneath. It makes the entire look so royal and sharp,with an fresh color and layering.For the bottoms, you can wear ripped jeans, as you can, absolutely nothing go wrong with it. A light blue washed jeans, with a plain large tee under a white tee will make you fashion ready.To outshine  even better, you can also accessorize with a plain ballcap or pail hat.It’ll help pull your entire outfit together. couple it with a brace of white lurkers and you’ll be each ready!

 Level with a Check Shirt

On Days When The Weather Is Bleak, Brace The Large T- Shirt With A Checkered Shirt This Simple Combination Upgrades The Casual Wear Into One That’s Additional Semi Formal. You Can Wear It To Academy, Parties, And Indeed Weekend Dates With Musketeers! Brace It With Skinny Jeans, High-Top Sneaks And Sunglasses For A Handsome Look.

Denim Jacket on top of your Tshirt

You can also choose to level it up with a denim jacket. The classic denim jacket gives the baggy T- shirt structure, yet still retaining the sharp modern look.On further formal occasions, you can also tuck in a large white tee over a denim jacket. That will serve as the perfect denim over white tee combination!

Plain and Simple is the New Sexy

Prefer to go for a simple clean look without anything fancy? Reach for a plain large tee and pair it with a couple of britches or jeans. Complete the look with a cap or beanie.

Use the Stripy Bottoms to your Advantage

Going simple doesn’t mean you can’t wear bold colors and patterns. Play around with different patterns and colors for a different look! lately, streaked trousers are getting more and more popular among. You can pair up black and white striped trousers with a graphic large tee. Or you can wear a multi-colored trouser with a plain color T- shirt.
Generally, the fit of the trouser should be slightly loose for a sharp look.To give your overall wear a fashioned look, you can also fold your trousers at its verge. Pail headgears will go well with this outfit and they’re also a streetwear chief. You can further accessorize by wearing a chain necklace. For footwear, you can wear plain white shoes and socks. If you’re feeling a little bolder furthermore wear neon- colored shoes to step- up your game.

Be Bold and Edgy by garnering with a Stripy Long Sleeve

A long- sleeved striped shirt under a large T- shirt gives off a cool and edgy look. As with all forms of layering, it also adds further formality and structure to the outfit.
Dark multicolored banded shirt like black go well for this theme. You can wear ripped black slim- fit jeans or indeed pantaloons or trousers.To accessorize your bold outfit, you can pair it with a fanny pack or hip sack. For a truly bolder outfit, you can go for a graphic or various tee.

Take Out your Sweater Vest

You may be familiar with Chandler’s sweater vests, If you’re a 90’s kid and grew up watching Friends (An American sitcom). You’ll be glad to know that they’re now trending! You can pair up your sweater vest over a large T- shirt with loose trousers or baggy jeans. A long- sleeved t- shirt with V- neck sweater vest is a great option to go with. A little thing to consider nowadays that don’t wear a v- neck t- shirt with a v- neck sweater vest. As for the footwear you can wear any pair of shoes and it’ll go well with it.

Tie and Dye is the New Deal

Tie Dye has grown as a fashion item since the launch from last couple of years especially from 2019, and it’s forecast to continue through succeeding time too. Go for a different style with a large tie dye shirt! Do you know that during quarantine period, people tried DIY of the tie and dye themselves. It’s also one the reasons why we’re seeing so numerous people wearing it lately! You can pair the large tie dye shirt with a plain slim fit jeans or shorts, and you can accessorize it with either a cap or a headgear for a sharp look. Sandals or slip- on slippers will work well with this fashion style too.

In Winter, Brace it with a Coat

Oversized shirts allow for numerous types of layering. During fall or winter, you can also level an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie with the jacket. You can wear a large tee with a long and big hoodie and also farther grouping it up with a large coat. It’ll look amazing if you’re wearing slim fit jeans with it, but you can also go fora couple of trousers.

Beat the Heat with Shorts in Summer

During Spring and Summer, you can wear your oversized t- shirt with shorts. You can also choose to leave the shirt as it’s or tuck it in. Another cool summer dressing is wearing matching color for the T- shirt and shorts. It gives out a smart clean look. This style looks sharp on guys, and you can pull it off with confidence. You can wear a ballcap to style it up, and also complete the look with a pair of sandals or flip-flops. Small accessories like a fanny pack will go well with it too.


Who could have thought there were so multiple ways of styling a plain oversized shirt? Ever since streetwear turn popular, we start to see numerous big global brands uniting with the streetwear brands. Guys don’t worry about the sleeves of the large dropping to near elbow length.
It’s supposed to be this way! still, you can also decide to fold up the verge of the T- shirt for a different look. You can also tuck in the shirt and brace it with trousers for a more semi casual look.For a trendier look, you can also play with
a variety of bold colors, patterns and graphics. Also, try out different accessories similar as pail headgears, belts, chains for jeans and fanny packs too! Indeed, though there’s no styling rule for streetwear, do remember Whatever you wear, wear itwith confidence!
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